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They add a new vibe and are a great supplement to your guitar.

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Chorus Pedals Chorus is the one modulation effect that every guitarist loves.Fender Chorus Pedal The Fender Chorus pedal will remind you just how cool and indispensable the lushly spatial effect can be.The Wave is a stand-alone, tube-driven analog spring reverb that can be used in front of your guitar amp or as a line-level analog reverb effect for the recording studio. Read More.From dive bombs to pull-ups, the Whammy Ricochet effect pedal from DigiTech offers guitarists a wide range of creative pitch. Guitar Chorus Effects

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Designed in the premium Waza Craft analog tradition, the Boss DC-2w offers not just a perfect sonic recreation of the original DC-2 Dimension C pedal, but also the legendary SDD-320 Dimension D studio rack effect it was based on.

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Create Your Own Guitar Effects Pedal: This is a general instructable about how to build your own pedal clones.The Guitar Factory has been serving the good people of Western New York since 1989.

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A chorus effect is an auditory effect obtained either by modulating both temporal and frequency characteristics of a discrete audio signal with a signal processing unit, or by superimposing.More precisely, they first convert the analog guitar sound to digital, then process the effect, and finally, convert the signal back to analog.The Donner Tutti is a no frills, small casing chorus pedal that will definitely do the trick.

Product Information Embellish your bass lines with the Boss CEB-3 guitar pedal.Find great deals on eBay for Boss CE-2 in Guitar Chorus Effects Pedals.

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From picks to pedals and every accessory in between, Dunlop Manufacturing has been creating world-class gear for musicians for over 50 years.It developed through the years by various different means until in 1976 Boss released the first real standalone pedal.

The MODboard CH-1 Chorus board uses a lush and warm analog chorus circuit.Other chorus guitar pedals have come and gone, but the Boss CH-1 Super Chorus has remained in production for over 20 years.

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The Line 6 Helix Floorboard Dual DSP Audio Engine Guitar Processor is a force to be reckoned with.

In fact, many of your favorite bands and guitarists use the effect. guitar pedals, pedalboards

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Flanger Pedals produce psychedelic swells with moving EQ levels, whilst Chorus Pedals use a longer delay between signals and have a more subtle effect, layering wavering choir-like tones with your guitar.I used to have an 8-space rack with about every effect you could name, but stopped using them after a while.Find great deals on eBay for guitar chorus pedal and boss chorus pedal.It got used on hit songs like Betty Davis Eyes and then it got overused.This effect also works very well with overdrive, giving it a doubled, more polished sound.

The state of the art guitar processor not only is an authentic feeling, tour-tested multi-effects system, but is.The chorus effect is one of those modulation effects everybody kind of knows how to use but they always seem to use it the same way.

Digital chorus pedals use short delay circuits in order to generate their effect and create chorus without the phase sound.Chorus pedals are guitar effects pedals used by thousands of guitarists the world over.

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The chorus effect tries to make one instrument to sound like if more than one is playing.To do so, it takes the input signal, doubles it, and put the doubled signal slightly out of time and tune with the guitar pedals, guitar effects, power supplies, pedalboards, pedal boards.

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Chorus pedals deliver this somewhat synthetic, angelic character that works particularly well on clean tones, especially with arpeggiated chord progressions.

The parameters of each stage can be adjusted separately and unused stages can be disabled to reduce CPU consumption in the audio sequencer.

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