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Belly dancing may have originated as a fertility ritual. 17,000 year-old rock engravings found in the caves of Addaura, near Palermo in Sicily, depict what appears to be a ritual fertility dance, as do ancient Egyptian tomb paintings and Greek sculptures.

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If you are new to Belly Dance, you may have lots of questions about the history, styles, stars, teachers, and products associated with this ancient art form.Native Egyptian Nada El Masriya teaches you the fundamentals with proper technique.Below are two articles that describe the impact on belly dancing on your physical health.Our mission is to unite the initiative of dancers around the world to celebrate the wonderful art of belly dance as a holiday on the second Saturday in May every year.

Yes, dancing is an art and I love dancing too. i love ballet and belly dancing as well.

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Although many enthusiasts perform for a modest income, the majority of belly dancers find the dance form to be a great source of exercise and a means of socialization.

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That would be some kind of weird fever dream that no plush toy could ever battle.

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In an original format, Nada has combined the Egyptian visual teaching style with the North American method of breaking.

Courtesy of stars like Shakira, belly dancing has become an international sensation.

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Belly Dancing is a naturally low impact activity that improves posture, core strength, flexibility and the mind-body connection.Beginning students will love this new video by Joynan and more seasoned students will be drawn to review their basics.

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In Sparta, women danced for Artemis, who was a goddess of the moon and of fertility.

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If you are passionate for belly dancing then this cute belly dancing line art designed t-shirt is perfect for you.All belly dancing artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.Looking for the ideal Belly Dancing Wall Art to express yourself.Over the past years they were used for various purposes including healing, religious, spiritual or for entertainments.

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Enjoy a day of shopping, workshops, networking with other dancers, festival dancing, scavenger hunt, having fun plus an evening show.Whether as art form, exercise or as a tool for building confidence and self-esteem, belly dancing.

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Printed on 100% cotton watercolour textured paper, Art Prints would be at home in any gallery.Discover the world of Oriental Dance - more popularly known as Belly Dance - including its history and origins, traditio.